How to Use & Configure SES( Simple Email Service) in AWS Part 2


Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a email service built on Amazon scalable infrastructure. With Amazon SES, you can send and receive email with no required minimum commitments – you pay as you go, and you only pay for what you use.

Note :- If you want to see the part 1 of this tutorial click on below Link:

How to Use & Configure SES( Simple Email Service) in AWS Part 1

Step 11. Click on SMTP settings option under the service panel of the page.


Step 12. Click on Create My SMTP Credentials button to obtain SMTP username and password that you use to connect the Amazon SES SMTP endpoint.


Step 13. Enter the name of a new IAM user or accept the default as per your requirements.After that click on Create button to set up your SMTP credentials.


Step 14. Your SMTP credentials are generated successfully.Click on Download Credentials button at the bottom of the page to download credentials in your local machine.


Step 15. Your Amazon Simple Email Service account has a set of sending quota to regulate the number of email messages that you can send.You have the option to increase a sending quota limit.For this click on sending statistics option under the service panel of the page.


Step 16. Now at the top of the page, there is a big blue button Request a sending Limit increase button.Click on it.


Step 17. Specify the following details:

Regarding              –    Service Limit Increase
Limit Type             –    SES Sending Limits

Region                    –     Specify region as per your requirements
Limit                        –    Desired Daily Sending Quota
New limit value   –    As per your need
Mail type                –    System Notifications


After specifying all the details click on submit button to submit your Case.