How To Use Amazon EC2 Container Service


Step1: Login To Your AWS account.

Step2: Now Under the Compute click on the EC2 Container Service.

Main Page Container Service Option

Step3: Select both If you want to deploy the sample application & store images securely with Amazon ECR(EC2 Container Registry).

Select Options Container Service
Note-: As of now we are not deploying any application so we have selected only the second option.

Step4: Specify your Repository Name & click on Next Step.

Step1 Container Service

Step5: Install Docker & AWS CLI.Learn from the below links if you don’t know how to install Docker & AWS CLI.

Docker Installation
AWS-CLI Installation

Note-: Before moving  ahead you need to install Docker & AWS CLI, if you have already installed both then skip this step.

Step6: Create IAM user, If you dont know how to create IAM user learn with the below link.

How To Create IAM User

Note-:Save the user credentials which will be used to retrieve the users credentials for docker login using AWS-CLI & you have to assign the required permission or rights to a user in order to take login.

Step7: Configure IAM user by firing the below command.

# aws configure

Step8: Learn how to  Build, Tag & push Docker Image & click on Next Step.

Step2 Container Service

Note-: If you don’t know how to Build, Tag & push Docker Image learn it by opening the below link.
Build Tag & Push Docker Image
Read all the steps carefully and note down all the commands for your future reference.

Step9: Now check repository, image is uploaded to the repository or not.

Check Repo Container Service

Note-: We have successfully uploaded the image to our repository named demo.