How to start IIS Server in Microsoft Azure


Step 1. Create a windows server.

Step 2. Login into your Microsoft Azure Account.

Step 3. Now move into your server manager & click on Add Roles and Features.

Step 4. Now Add Roles and Features wizard will open & click on Next to continue.


Step 5. Choose Installation type.Among the two select Role-based or feature-based Installation & click on Next to continue.


Step 6. Now select your virtual hard disk on which to install the roles and features.Among the two options Select a server from the server pool option & click on Next.


Step 7. Now select web server(IIS) options from the available set of server options & click on Next.


Step 8. Once you click on next it will show more servers list.Now click on Next again.


Step 9. Now it will show the short description of Web Server(IIS).Click on Next to Continue.


Step 10. If you want to add any extra Role services, select the role services which you want to install for your web server(IIS).Click on Next.


Step 11. Confirm installation selections,it will show your selections which you selected previously to install.Click on Install to Finish.


Step 12. Your Web Server(IIS) is now installing.You can view your installation progress under the Feature installation progress bar.


Step 13. When Installation is completed click on close button to Finish.


Step 14. You can test your Web server by calling your server IP address through any web browser.