How To Set a DNS Using Route 53 In AWS


Step 1. Go to Amazon Services Main Page & click on Route 53 under Networking.

Route 53 amazon main page

Step 2. Now at the bottom of the page there is a option named DNS management.Click on it.

Route 53 page

Step 3. Now at center & top of the page there is a big blue button Create Hosted Zone.Click on it.

Route 53 create hosted zone pic

Step 4. Now Click on Create Hosted Zones again which is available at the top of the page

Route 53 create hosted zone1 pic

Step 5. Now enter Domain name Which you want to host in Domain Name box & choose type Public Hosted Zone.Now click on create.

Route 53 hostzone conf

Step 6. By default it will create two Record Set automatically.We can also create more Record Sets as per our requirements.

Route 53 xample vhost

Step 7. Click on Create Record Set to create your new record set.Now on the right most side of the page specify the name type and value as per your requirements

Route 53 new zone add pic

Step 8. Now click on Create.After click on create  your record set will add in Hosted Zone and look like below image.

Route 53 new record set conf

Step 9. Now under the Record Set does not mention anything under the name.

Route 53 new record1 set conf

Note: Reason behind is your website will be open form simply by just typing your domain name without using www.

Step 10. Now click on Create.After click on create it your record set will add in hosted zone and look like below image.

Route 53 new record2 set conf

Step 11. If you want to check your domain name is working properly then copy your domain and paste onto the web browser and run it.