How to Launch Windows Server on Microsoft Azure


Learn how to launch Windows Server

Step 1. Log into your Windows Azure Account.

Step 2. Click on the Plus Sign on left most part of the page. Now under the Market Place Click on the Compute.


Step 3. Under the Compute,click on see all option to see all distributions available in Microsoft Azure & select window server under the Operating Systems.

Step 4. After Click on the windows server it will open the various window servers list,you can choose window server as per for requirement.As for now i am going to choose Window server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Step 5. Now Select the deployment Model as per your requirements.As for now i am going to select Resource Manager.Click on Create.

Note : If you also want to know more about your server like Server Documentation,Pricing Details, you can know it by clicking on various links in usefull Links column.

Step 6. Configure the basic settings for your Window server as per your requirements.As for now i am going to configure various settings.

Name                          :    windowserver
VM disk Type            :    HDD
Username                  :    Demo
Password                   :    [email protected]
Subscription              :   Free Trail
Resource Manager   :   default  (A Resource group is a collection of resources that share the same life cycle,permissions, and policies.)
Note: You can create your New resource group or if you have you preconfigured resource group you can choose that as well.
Location                     :   Central US

Now Click on OK.


Step 7. Choose your server size,If you want to see all sizes of servers just click on view all option.Now you can see all varieties of windows servers from which you can choose your server according to your budget.


Note : As for now i am going to choose A0 Standard.

Now click on select.

Step 8. Now Configure Optional features as per your requirements.

Note : As for now i am going to configure various features.After that click on ok.

Step 9. Review your account settings,which you had configured in previous steps.Now click on Ok.


Step 10. Now wait for few minutes while server is in deploying state because it will take few minutes to deployed successfully.


Step 11. As you can see your server is now in running state.If you want to see all the details of your server then click on server box.It will open all the Essential details of your account.