How to launch php application using AWS Beanstalk


Step 1. Open Amazon AWS Web Services main page and Select Elastic Beanstalk under the Compute.

Step 2. Click on Create New Application.

beanstalk create new app page

Step 3. Specify Application name And Description(Optional) & click on Next.

beanstak app info page

Step 4. Select Create Web Server Environment & Click on Done

beanstalk new enviromnt page

Step 5. Choose PHP platform on Predefined configuration and Load Balancing, Auto Scaling On Environment type & click on Next.

beanstalk env type page

Step 6. Select Sample Application & Click on Next.

beanstalk app version page

Step 7. Specify the name which you want to set for your Environment & Click on Next.

beanstalk env info page

Step 8. Click on Next.  

beanstalk additional resources page

Note: If you want to create RDS DB Instance than Select the First option &  if you want to Create  your Environment  inside VPC than Select the Second option.

Step 9. Specify your configuration Details & Click on Next.

Settings To Be Configured Below:
Instance type : t2 micro
EC2 Key pair : Demo (Your key Pair Name)
Root Volume Type : General purpose (SSD)
Root Volume Size : 8 GB

beanstalk conf details page

beanstalk conf details page1

Step 10. Specify Unique Name for your Beanstalk & Click on Next.

beanstalk env tag page

Step 11. Set Permissions for your AWS Elastic Beanstalk Environment & click on Next.

beanstalk permission page

Step 12. Review what you have configured till now & click on launch.

beanstalk review page

beanstalk review page1

beanstalk review page2

Step 13. After clicking on launch a page will be displayed like this & it will takes few minutes to configure.

beanstalk launch env state page

Step 14. Once it will get complete your Beanstalk health status will change from Pending to Ok state.

beanstalk env complete page

Step 15. Copy the URL and Run to your Browser.

beamstalk url page

Step 16. If your Beanstalk Configured Successfully a page will be look like this.

beanstalk php page

Finally you have Configured your beanstalk.