How to Install WordPress on Amazon Lightsail Server in AWS


Step 1. Login to your AWS account.

Step 2. Under the Compute click on Lightsail option.


Step 3. Click on Create Instance button on the top right side of the page.


Step 4. Now Under app + OS option select WordPress app Image from the available set of app images.


Step 5. Under the description box of WordPress you can see the current version of WordPress. or if you want to check  Wordpress Instance details then just click on AWS Marketplace option.


Note :- You can also add a shell script that will run on your instance the first time it launches.For this click on Add Launch script option & paste your code under the dialog box.

Step 6. Click on Change SSH key pair option & click on Create Key Pair to create a new key pair for your instance.



Note :- You can also upload your existing key pair through which you will be able to take the Remote Login by click on Upload Key pair option or If you don’t want to use any key pair for your instance then it will automatically use the default SSH key pair for connecting to your instance.

Step 7. Provide any name to your Key Pair.After that click on Generate Key pair button.


Step 8. Choose your Instance plan as per your requirement.


Step 9. You can change the availability zone where your instance will be launched by click on change zone option & select the zone as per your requirement Currently, AWS only offers Lightsail out of its US East (Northern Virginia) region of data centers, so the options are limited to four us-east-1 zones.


Step 10. Specify Instance name as per your requirement & you can also choose to spin up as many as 20 instances from here.After that click on Create.

Step 11. After clicking on Create button wait for few minutes because instance will take some time to comes up in Running state.Now Click on Instance box to get full details of your Instance.


Step 12. Click on Connect using SSH button to connect securely using your browser.