How To Deploy App (WordPress) Using Windows Azure App Service


You can easily launch WordPress using Azure app.

Step 1. Login to your windows azure account.


Step 2. On the bottom left of the page click on More Services option.




Step 3. Under the Web + Mobile select the first option App Services.




Step 4. Click on the + Add Button in order to Select & Deploy App from the available set of option’s.




Step 5. Under the Web apps  click on the WordPress icon.




Step 6. Click on the blue button Create at the bottom of the page.


Step 7. Specify the following details related to your app & click on Create button.

App name                 :- Specify the name for your app & it will be used as a prefix with
Resource Group      :-
Create a new RG or use the existing RG but make sure RG must contain the port 80 in it.
Database Provider :-
Select the Mysql In App (Preview) from the drop down list




Step 8. Click on the Resource value specified after the Resource.




Step 9. On the top right side of the page under the Essentials copy the URL of your web app & hit the same in browser.