How To Create Health Check In Google Cloud


 Step 1. Open  Google Cloud Services & Click Product & Services at the top left most part of the page.

GC instance creation gc main page

Step 2. Now Select Compute Engine at the Service Panel of page.

Gc compute engine service panel pic

Step 3. Now on left side of the page in service panel there is a option Health Checks click on it.Now at the middle of the page there is a option of Create a Health check click on it.

health check main page pic

Step 4. Configure Health Check with the below Settings.

Name                     :          Your Health Check Name as per your requirement

Protocol                 :          HTTP
Port                        :          80
Request Path         :           /

Note : Under the Request path there is a option more click on it.

Host HTTP Header          :         Mention your Instance ip for which you want to create Health Check
Check Interval                 :         5 sec
TimeOut                          :         5 sec
Healthy Threshold          :         2 Consecutive Successes
Unhealthy Threshold     :         2 Consecutive Failures

health check setting page 1

health check setting page 2

Step 5.Heath check is successfully created.

health check status pagew

Step 6. To check the Details of Health check click on your Health check Name after that you will able to see the full details of your Health check.

health check details page


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