How to Create EC2 Instance In Amazon AWS


Amazon EC2 is a Elastic Compute Cloud Instance service provide you the complete freedom to create a virtual machine/instance as per your requirement’s with the least minimum time. One of the best thing about AWS is that you have to only pay for what you use thus it reduces your effort, time as well as the cost.Amazon EC2 is more secure because instead of using password based authentication it uses public key-cryptography for user authentication.The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.

Step 1
. Open Amazon Web Services & Click on EC2 under the Compute.


Note:  As we will going to work on cloud so we will going to select first option Under the Compute i.e EC2 (Virtual Servers in the Cloud).

Step 2. Click on Launch Instance (To Create your Virtual Machine).

ec2 1

Note: You can call this page as a home page through which we can manage the various services provided by amazon related to instance such as we can create snapshots, do load balancing, we have also an option of Network & Security to make our instance more secure and now we can also manage the load of our application using the auto scaling option.

Step 3. Go to Community AMIs and select OS according to your requirement.

ec2 2

Note: Under community AMI you can see the list of options available Operating System to choose.After that there is a option of architecture under which you can select 32/64 bit architecture as per your need.To select OS or architecture just click on checkbox and on the right you can your available options.Click on select box in blue to proceed further.

Step 4. After Selecting OS,Select Version according to your requirement.

ec2 3

Note: As said  previously once you have selected you your OS and architecture according to your need then you can view the list of  available options on right side of your web page.

Step 5. Choose an Instance type as per your requirement.After that click on Next:Configure Instance Details.

ec2 4

Note: Amazon gives the flexibility to choose your instance among pool of instances which vary in terms of Family, Type Memory, Cpu, Instance storage, EBS, & Network Performance.

Step 6. Configure Instance Details Choose the Number of Instance you want to make.After that click on Next.

ec2 5

Note: Now here we will configure the various details related to instance.

Step 7. Add storage according to your need and requirement.

ec2 6

Note: From above screenshot you can see that three types of volume are available, size of your instance is mentioned which you can modify as per your requirement else you also can add new volume in new instance which are configuring.

Step 8. Tag Instance.You can gave any name to the instance in values for your reference purpose then Click on Next.

ec2 7

Note: Tag instance here refers to giving a name to your instance in order to identify your required easily in future. Multiple tags can be associated with single instance.

Step 9. Configure Security Group:You can choose a new security group or you can select existing group or you can add Rules more than one rule then Click Review And Launch.

ec2 8

Note: Make sure that SSH port must be always added in a rule before you click on Review and Launch.

Step 10. Review Instance Details.You can check your configured Instance Details.Now Click on Launch.

ec2 10

Note: Now you are just a click away to launch your first instance, review all the configuration details and just click on Launch box in blue at right most bottom of page to proceed further.

Step 11. Create a New Key Pair: Provide any name to your Key Pair Through which you will be able to take the Remote Login.

ec2 11

Note:  Every time when you make a new instance you can choose your existing key pair or you can also create a new one.
Note: Every time you login you will be authenticated by using this pair of keys.

Step 12. When you completed all above steps your instance will be created, you can view your instance by clicking on View instance Option.

ec2 12

ec2 13