How To Create EC2 Alarm In CloudWatch


Amazon CloudWatch keeps the track of your Amazon Web Services resources & the applications which are running on AWS in order to make sure that all the resources as well the applications are working under the threshold limit. Once the defined threshold limit changes CloudWatch alarms sends the notification or automatically makes the changes to the resources as the rules defined by you. So you can say that under the single roof you can monitor all your resources as well as your applications running on AWS.


STEP 1. Click On CloudWatch In AWS Management Console.

aws cloudwatch main page

STEP 2. One the left most part of webpage Click on Alarm.

cloudwatch main page

STEP 3.Click on Create Alarm.

Cloudwatch alarm main page

STEP 4. Select  EC2 Metric  and also select metric name which you want to monitor. I choose CPU utilization. After that click on Next.

alarm select metric page

STEP 5. Specify the Name and Description of Alarm and also specify the CPU Utilization Percent according to your need and if you want to receive alerts on your Mail ID than specify the Mail ID in Notification Box. After that click on Create Alarm  

alarm setting page

Note: After click on Create Alarm. AWS will send a confirmation link on your Mail ID. For further proceed you have to confirm that link on your Mail ID.

STEP 6. After successfully completing all steps your Alarm will created with OK state.

alarm ok state page