How To Create Distribution in AWS Cloudfront


STEP 1. Go to Amazon Web Services.

amazon web service main page

STEP 2. Select CloudFornt From Storage and Content Delivery.

STEP 3. Click on Create Distribution.

STEP 4. Select a delivery method for your content.Select Get Started Option under the web.

create distribution form page

STEP 5. Specify  the Domain Name of your Orign in Orign Domain Name Cloumn.

STEP 6. Enter the Directory name which you have created under the Bucket in Orign Path Column beginning with a /.

STEP 7. You can assign a specific tag value under the Header Column.

STEP 8. Click on Create Distribution.

Note: After clicking on create Distribution please wait for some time because it takes some time to deploy.

distribution creation pic


Note: After completing  Distribution the status will changed from in Progress to Deployed.

distribution deploy condition pic

STEP 9. Now you can access file from this path.Open Domain Name from your web browser.

http://Domain Name/file_name