How to Create & Connect SQL Server with Window Server in Microsoft Azure


Step 1. Login into your Microsoft Azure account.

Step 2. Click on Sql database option in the service panel of the page.


Step 3. Click on Add button to add a new database.


Step 4. After specifying the following database details then click on server option & specify the new sql server details.After that click on create.

Sql database Details :
Databasename        :   Specify the name for your database

Resourse group       :  Create a new  RG or use the existing RG but make sure RG must contain the port 1433 in it.


Sql Server Details :
Server name               :   Specify the name for your sql server

Server admin login :   Specify Server admin name
Password                   :  Specify the Password for your sql server


Step 5. Create a new windows server or LogIn into your existing windows server through which you want to connect sql server & then Download Installer for MsSql by below link.

Step 6. Open wpilauncher.exe and click on products options on the top of the page.


Step 7. Now click on the database option in the service panel of the page.


Step 8. Search for SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Express with SP1 in Search box & then click on add button.

Now click on Install button

Step 9. Click on I Accept to begin Installation.


Note : Wait for few minutes because it will take few minutes in downloading & installation.

Step 10.  Now search for SQL Server Management Studio in a search box & open it.Now specify following sql server details.

Server Type        :  Database Engine
Server name       :  tcp:yoursqlservername,1433
Authentication   : SQL Server Authentication
Login                    : Specify your sql Server Admin name
Password             : Specify your sql Server Password

Now Click on Connect.

Step 11. Now you are successfully connected with sql can see your database which you had configured previously by expending your server.