How To Create Amazon S3 Bucket & Upload Data


Amazon S3 Bucket
S3 Bucket is a cloud storage service which is provided by the amazon. Under the bucket we can upload any kind of file or data( Personal Documents, Photos, Videos). Amazon thus make easier for the one to manage the data as it provide API’s to manage them. Amazon S3 console will help you to manage your data. You can speed up the access by using Amazon cloud front.

Step 1: Login to your AWS account.

Step 2: Under Storage & Content delivery click on S3 option.


Step 3: On the top left click on the blue button named Create Bucket.

Create Bucket

Step 4: Now specify your bucket name which you want to assign , select region which is nearby you & click on create.


Step 5: Under the All Bucket you can view that a bucket with your specified name is created.

Step 6: Next step is to Upload or Create folder under your bucket.


Note -: Its your choice you can directly add data in your bucket or you can create folder first and then add the data into.

Step 7: Now click on Upload button on top left just above All Buckets & click on add files.


Step 8: Select the files you want to upload and click on start upload.

start upload

Note-: Any type of file can be uploaded into the bucket.