How to create a Microsoft Storage Account & Upload data


Step 1. Login into your Microsoft Azure account.

Step 2. Click on the Storage accounts option under the service panel.

Step 3. Click on Add button to create a new Storage account.

Step 4. Specify the Storage account Details as per your requirements.As for now i am going to specify the following details.
Name                                   –      myexampstorage (Name of your Storage account)
Deployment model        –      Resource Manager

Account Kind                   –      General purpose
Performance                    –       Standard

Resource group              –      As per your Requirements
Location                            –      As per your Requirements

Now click on Create button.

Step 5. Your Storage account is created successfully.Click on your Storage account to view details of your Storage account.


Step 6. Select the blobs option, On the top right side of the page click on the container button under the blob service to create a new container.

Step 7. Specify the Name of your blob container & access type,In access type specifies whether data in the container may be accessed publicly or not.You can use blob to allow the public read access to blobs & use container to allow the public read access to entire container. As for now i am going to choose blob access type. 

Now click on Create.

Step 8. Your container is created successfully.Now click on your container to view your container details.

Step 9. Click on upload button on the top of the page & Select the files, blob type & Block size of the file that  you want to upload and click on upload.