How To Create A Key Pair For EC2 Instance


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) makes the authentication process more secure with the password less authentication , thus it uses the public-key cryptography in order to encrypt and decrypt the login information. Public key is used to encrypt the data such as password and with the private key is used to decrypt the encrypted data. Public and private keys are also known as key pairs. Public key is stored on the server whereas private key is kept with user securely on his local machine in order to take login on server.

Login to your AWS account.

Step2: Under the Compute,Click on EC2 ( Virtual Servers In The Cloud  )


Step3: On the left side of the page, Under Network & Security select Key Pairs.


Step4: On the top of the page click on blue button Create Key Pair.


Step5: Specify the key pair name, click on Create.


Note-: After you click on create, a file will be downloaded to your system and save the file carefully which is crucial from login perspective.

Step6: Save key pair file


Step7: Verify the key pair created successfully.


You have successfully created a key pair which will be used while creating your instance or taking login on your instance. In order to take a SSH on your instance using putty please refer the below document.

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