How to Configure Security Groups for Linux Server in Microsoft Azure

Step 1. Login into your Microsoft Azure account.

Step 2. Click on More Services in the Service Panel of the page.

Step 3. Click on Network Security group.

Step 4. Now at the top of the page click on Add button.

Step 5. Now create a new Name & Resource group for your Network security group then click on Create.

Step 6. Your Network Security group is created successfully.Click on Security group to Configure.

Step 7. Now click on Inbound Security rules to Add new rules.

Step 8. Click on Add Button.

Step 9. Provide a name for your new rule.You can add default & custom rules according to your requirements.As for now i am going to add default HTTP rule.Now click on OK.


Step 10. You can Check your Added Rules in Inbound Security rules box.

Step 11. Your final step is to associate your Network Security Group with a subnet or a specific network interface. Let’s associate the Network Security Group with a subnet. Select ‘Subnets’, then click Associate:

Step 12. Now Select your virtual network, and then select the appropriate subnet. Click on ok to Finish.

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