How to Configure Monitoring Service in Microsoft Azure


You can monitor the performance of your current Azure resources using Azure Monitor service. With Azure Monitor, you can explore and manage all your common monitoring tasks from a single place in the portal. Azure Monitor provides you the ability to configure custom alert rules to get notified or to take automated actions.

Step 1. Login into your Microsoft Azure account.

Step 2. Open your Virtual Server on which you want to configure Monitor services.

Step 3. Click on Metrics option under the Monitoring in the service panel of the page & Select the metrics that you want to monitor from the available set of metrics.As for now I am going to choose Percentage CPU.

Step 3. You can also configure Monitoring rules for your server as per your requirements for this click on Add metric alert option on the top of the page.


Step 4. Specify the Name and Description of rule and also specify the Condition & Threshold according to your need and if you want to receive alerts on your Mail ID than tick on the check box which is under Notify via option & specify the Mail ID in Additional administrator email(s) Box. After the click on OK.
Name               :  CPU_LOAD (Name of your Rule)
Description   : CPU LOAD Rule (Specify any short description for your rule)



Step 5. Your rule is configured successfully.Under monitoring click on Alert rules to check the rule which you have configured.