How To Configure DNS Zone In Microsoft Azure


You can host your domain using Azure DNS zone service, you can bind domain to Azure services or other providers.  Azure DNS uses a global network of name servers to provide fast responses to DNS queries. The Azure DNS name servers are updated in just a few seconds which provides your domain access in no time.

Step1. Login to Your Windows Azure account


Step2. On the  bottom left part of the web page click on the More Services option.




Step3. Under the Networking look for DNS Zone & click on the DNS Zone.




Step 4. Click on + Add button on the top of the webpage.




Step5.  Now specify the  following details

Name                       :- Specify your domain name you have or you have purchased.
Resource Group  :- You can create a new RG or use existing RG for your domain name.



Step6. Now on the bottom left of the page click on blue button Create.




Step7. By default it will create two Record Set automatically.We can also create more Record Sets as per our requirements.




Step8. Now click on + Record Set. After click on + Record Set specify the following details & click on OK button

Name :- Leave blank or write www, it will be a prefix for your domain name , if you add www then you have to type complete domain name else you need only to type

IP Address :- Specify the ip address to which you want to attach the domain with.




Note-: We can also create a another record set by leaving the Name column blank.




Step9.  If you want to check your domain name is working properly then copy your domain and paste onto the web browser and run it.