How To Attach Custom Domain Name With Your Web App On Windows Azure



1) A web app deployed on Windows Azure
2) DNS Zone created with your domain name.


Step 1. Login to your Windows Account


Step 2. On the bottom left of the page click on the More Service option.




Step 3. Under the Web + Mobile, Click on the first option App Service.




Step 4. Select the Web app with which you want to attach your custom domain with.




Step 5. Under Settings  move down with the drop down scroll bar, Select the 4th option Custom Domain.




Step 6. Look for the IP Address under the External IP Address & copy the same.




Step 7. In DNS Zone click on the Domain Name which you want to map with your Web App




Step 8. Create the following two Record Sets


1. Record Set for record type A.

Specify The Following Details For The Record Set.

Name            :- leave blank or  type www as it will be used a prefix with .your-domain-name.
Type              :-
Leave default , record type A is used to specify the IPv4 address.
IP Address  :-
Paste the IP Address which you copied in Step 6




2. Record Set for record type TXT.

Name       :- leave blank or  type www as it will be used a prefix with .your-domain-name.
Type         :-
Select Type TXT from the drop down list
Value       :- 
Add the current Web App URL provided by Window Azure.




Step 9. Now move back to App Service window , Under the Custom Domain look for Hostnames & click on Add Hostname in order to map your custom domain name with current domain name or Web App URL.

Specify your Custom Domain Name & click on validate

Name :- Specify your Custom Domain Name which you have specified in Step 8 while creating record set.


add-hostname hostname


Step 10. Specify the Hostname record type

Note :- If you have used www as a prefix with your domain name then  select the Hostname Record Type as CNAME else select the A record



Step 11. Check Domain Verification Parameters if both are Ok then click on blue button Add Hostname




Step 12. Open your Web App  with your Custom Domain Name.