How To Administrate IAM Users


AWS Identity & Access Management helps in mainting the access control to your aws resources for the other user’s. Thus by creating an IAM user’s you can specify the aws resources which user have the access to what all resources of aws. Thus there is no need to share your aws account credentials with the other user to work on & you can simply remove the user once the task has completed. In a single shot you can create ten IAM user.

Login to your AWS account.

Step2: Check your account number,On top right by clicking on support & select support center.


Step3: Create an IAM user, Select Identity & Access Management under security and Identity .

Note-: In order to learn how to create an IAM user click on the below link.
How To Create IAM User

Step4: Assign password to IAM user.

Click on the user which you have created, In this tutorial user is DemoUser.


Under the Summary select the Security Credentials & click on Manage Password.


Select Assign a custom password from the two & assign the password for your user.


Step5: Specify the permission by attaching the policy.

Under the summary ,Select the Permissions & click on blue button Attach policy.


Select the policies for your IAM User  from among the list of policies & click on Attach Policy.


Note-: As of now we have selected the AmazonEC2FullAccess policy which means now IAM user can perform all the task which are under EC2 .

Step6: Copy below link & add your AWS account Id by replacing Your_AWS_Account_ID

Step7: Enter the IAM user username & password to login.


Step8: Try to access a resource whose permission is not given.


Note-: We tried to access a resource (Amazon S3) on which IAM user is not given the permission, So access is denied to the user for the same.

Step9: Try to access a resource whose permission is given.


Note-: We successfully  created an Instance through IAM user account as we have assigned the full permission for EC2 to IAM user.