Database Migration With Amazon DMS


Amazon Database Migration Service (Amazon DMS) helps in migrating the data from your database in live production environment to a new database server which can be a Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) DB instance or it can be a database server running on Amazon EC2. Amazon DMS also supports the migration of data between homogenous as well as the heterogeneous database engines.

Step 1:
Login to your AWS account.

Step 2: Select the DMS option under the Database.


Step 3: Click on the blue button Create Migration.


Step 4: Welcome to the AWS Data Migration Service, Click on next


Step 5: Create a replication instance.


Note-: Specify the name to replication instance , give the description, select the Instance Class as per your requirement.

Step 6: Specify source database and target database connection details & to check click on Run test.


Note-: Run test  button will take time to enable because replication instance will take time to create. Before you click on Run test please make sure you have assign all the privileges to your database user’s and allow your database user to access the database remotely.


Step 7: Click on next once run test is successful to create migration task.

Step 8: Create task to migrate database from source to target machine & Specify the certain task related details.




Step 9: Click on Start/Resume button to start the task once the task is in Ready state.


Note-: Above image as you can see that 36 Tables which has been migrated from source database to targeted database & we have successfully completed our migration.