AWS Summit New York 2018 Announcements


AWS Summit 2018 was a huge success where more than 10,000 cloud developers attended the event. AWS CTO Dr. Werner Vogels announced many new features to AWS cloud.

Focused area are:

  • Compute:
    Three new EC2 instance are coming soon. Amazon EC2 Z1d instances deliver the highest turbo clock speed of 4.0 GHZ, EC2 R5 instances offer 3.1 GHz Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8000 series processors, with up to 50% more vCPUs and 60% more memory over R4 instances.
  • Machine Learning:
    Amazon SageMaker now supports high-throughput batch jobs for non-real-time requirements. Amazon SageMaker now supports pipe mode for its in-built TensorFlow containers.
    Amazon Translate has added the following six new languages that are highly requested by customers: Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Turkish.
  • Network & Content Delivery:
    With Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you can use your own publicly-routable IP addresses to access AWS resources such as EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancers and NAT Gateways
  • Storage:
    Amazon S3 is increasing request rate performance to 3,500 requests per second to add data and 5,500 requests per second to retrieve data, which can save hours of data processing time for no additional charge.

Summit show cased various case studies of companies using AWS services like EPIC Games.

Watch full coverage here.